ANNUAL COA (oil change / tune up)

Rarely does an instrument come across the bench that wouldn't benefit from an oil change.  

Musicians are told to periodically add oil to their keys in an attempt to reduce wear.  The reality is that every time you add oil to the ends of your key rods, it washes the dirt and small metal wear particles deeper into the mechanics of your instrument where they continue to wear away at your keywork with every note you play.  Wipe a white tissue along the seams between the keys on your instrument, if there is black gritty oil there, just like in your car, it's time to change the oil.

Once your instrument is on the bench, we remove every key on the instrument and carefully clean all of the key friction surfaces (inside and out) and wash the body in a mild soap solution to remove any organic build-up inside (yuck!) before reassembling the instrument with modern synthetic lubricants designed to stay put and last much longer than traditional key oils.  

While your keys are off we also clean the tone hole and pad surfaces to help reduce sticking pads and extend pad life.  Wooden instruments are oiled inside and out with a high-end boutique bore oil.  

This service also includes the replacement of miscellaneous corks and felts as needed, and any small mechanical adjustments upon reassembly.  Any pads needing replacement will be charged additionally.  

Come by for your annual oil change and keep your instrument playing its best, year after year while postponing the need for an expensive full overhaul.