Grassi Alto Complete!

After a (much too) long delay waiting on the wall for the custom resonators to come in, this Italian beauty is finally all finished!  It definitely has a 'French' vibe to how it plays, very warm and compact sounding, which goes along with the all of the interesting little Selmer design imitations to be found on it.  Very nice alto, I want one.  Although the delay was a real drag, the custom brass resonators do set it off, and seem to add a faster response and a nice warm solidity to the sound.  

In related news:  Thanks to the recent purchase of a shop lathe we will soon be offering custom brass resonators made in-house to fit your specific horn.  This will naturally cut down a lot on the hassle and wait of ordering these from elsewhere, and allow me to make them to exactly the sizes needed for your instrument.  They will be a re-usable screw-back design, so they can be removed, polished, and reinstalled as pads are replaced down the line, for the life of the instrument. I will have a dedicated blog post about this and a few other new products coming in the new year.  Exciting stuff!