Early 1930s King "Voll-True" Baritone

The shop has been very busy and I haven't been keeping up the blog as much as I should be, but I had to show this one off - a very cool old horn that came to me in pieces in a box.  This one will have some stories to tell once I get it talking again, no doubt.  When this instrument was made Henry Ford had only been mass producing automobiles for a handful of years.  Hitler had just been elected as the leader of Germany and no one knew what was about to happen.   The first phone call across the pacific had just been made.  I could go on.  I had time to think about these kinds of things while restoring this horn as it has some pretty crazy mechanical design choices that made for quite a bit of extra work to sort out, including a one-piece G key that has 2 key cups mounted to it and closes both simultaneously, and a forked Eb mechanism operating a full size pad in the lower stack.  Also pretty much every key was bent and mangled.  Madness.  I am just wrapping this one up and am pretty excited to welcome it back to the musical world and see what it has to say for itself before it goes back to its righteous owner.

UPDATE:  Added some photos of the completed instrument.  This thing has an absolutely phenomenal sound - it barks and whispers like no baritone I have played.  Makes up for some of the mechanical quirks for sure!  It feels very good to have brought it back to life so it can continue to make more music.