1970 Mark VI, World Traveller!

We are currently in the process of overhauling this very cool 1970 Mark VI for a customer.  This one has spent a significant amount of its life in the Philippines, and has the rust to prove it.  What lacquer remains has also turned a very dark black-brown colour, making this a very unique and cool-looking instrument.  This horn came through the door with some pretty dodgy previous pad-work and worn / noisy action, making it a great candidate for an overhaul.  Cosmetically, the owner wanted to give it a fresh start mechanically while retaining the world-traveller look, so we are working to clean it up and remove verdigris without doing a full polish.  This beauty also has the headless point screws, a mechanical change that Selmer tried for a year or so before going back to the earlier design.  Based on the character and vibe this one had before starting the work (given the poor playing condition), I have no doubt it's going to be a great player once we are finished with it.

Stay tuned for more photos as the work progresses!