1921 Buescher 'True Tone' C-Melody

The next horn in the overhaul queue is this rare beauty.  Vintage Buescher saxophones are known for having the smooth warm sound of the other big American brands of the day (Conn, King), but they differ in that they tend to have a certain 'centre' to the sound, reminiscent of the classic French makers (Buffet, Selmer, etc).  Their unique sound has made Bueschers popular with classical saxophonists in addition to the jazzers.  Specifically, Sigurd Rascher, one of the first big names in classical saxophone (Mr. Four Octave Range), played exclusively on Bueschers throughout his career, including the True Tone model.

This instrument is not just a Buescher though, it's a C-Melody.  C-Melody saxophones are the long lost middle sibling, pitched between the alto and tenor, in the key of C.  These were made during a time (20's / 30's) when playing the saxophone was as pop-culture-cool and common-place as playing the guitar is today.  A saxophone pitched in the key of C allows to you slyly look over crazy Uncle Herbert's right shoulder at his piano music and jam along at those parlour soirees he hosts each fortnight.  Think of the admiration and marriage proposals you will receive!  Without ever needing to study or practice! (see attached advertisement)  All joking aside, C-Melodies have a very unique interesting voice, a little closer to a tenor than an alto, but still retaining qualities of both.  

This one came to me dirty, tarnished, and seized up, but sporting an almost complete set of original pads, which as you can imagine were looking pretty rough.  Thankfully, the beautiful silver plate is in pretty good shape and all of the important parts are there, (along with the original shaped case, mouthpiece, and leather neckstrap!) so it is going to turn out great, both visually and sonically.  This one will get small flat metal resonators to keep its vintage look and tone, while improving the feel of the keywork with some firmer pads and the subtle use of modern materials.  

All done - looking stunning and playing so smoothly and easily with a that great unique C-Melody voice!  Scroll right to the end of the photos to see how it turned out.

I just got a very similar horn in playable shape in here on consignment - keep an eye on the For Sale page, it will be listed up soon!