1956 Selmer Mark VI

This week I had the good fortune to be asked to inspect and set up this absolute beauty of a horn.  These early Mark VIs were produced in the Selmer company's absolute prime, and are probably THE most desirable saxophones on the planet.   Once I got through the usual issues with this one (pads, corks, felts, springs, adjustments, lubrication, etc) to get it sealing and looking great, however, it still didn't POP and play as well as I knew it should.  After a little further inspection, I discovered the neck tenon was ever-so-slightly out of round and leaking a significant amount, even though it seemed to fit its socket perfectly.  The instrument played surprisingly well in spite of the leak, so I suspect it has been like this a long time, but after re rounding and tightening up the neck fit a bit, BOOM -the horn really jumped to life.  One of the best instruments I have ever played - so fat and warm throughout the range, and with the most beautiful and ergonomic keywork. The Stradivarius of saxophones.  The prices on these instruments are through the roof these days thanks to eBay and the collector market, which is too bad, because it keeps these world class instruments out of the hands of players, where they should be (and where this one is!)

Bring your horn by and lets check out the neck fit and seal together - if there are any issues here there's no way it's playing as good as it could be.