1933 Conn 'Transitional' Tenor - Shop Project!

Our first shop horn!  We just picked up this holy-grail-year Conn 'Transitional' tenor to be the subject of a full custom overhaul, including stripping the very heavy re-lacquer it's currently buried under, fixing up a few half-done prior modifications and adding a few more of our own keywork modifications to simplify and lighten things up.  This horn is a good candidate for this type of work since it has already been messed with enough that it's no longer a collector-worthy horn, so we might as well go all the way and finish the job.  This horn will be listed up for sale once it's completed so stay tuned!

Re-lacquering saxophones is not a service we offer or endorse - this process often involves excessive buffing in order to prep the instrument, which can remove metal and damage sensitive parts of the instrument such as tone holes and neck tenons.  The new coat of lacquer is also often applied much too thickly which may affect the character and response of the instrument (controversial topic alert!)  All of this means it is often the right choice to remove the newer coat of lacquer and allow the instrument to develop its own patina, slowing oxidation with regular care and a thin coat of wax if needed.