1929 Selmer "Super" Transitional Baritone Sax

Another really pretty and rare silver instrument I have the pleasure of working on and maintaining is this 1929 Selmer.  Made in the time period between Selmer's Modele 26, and their newer "Super Sax" series of instruments, this is one of only about 200 of these in the world.  This horn has been in a few times as we dial in its set up and get it playing its best.  We have replaced a bunch of pads, fabricated some new pieces for the keywork to improve feel and reliability, repaired and relocated the strap ring for better handling, and most recently fabricated a temporary bell extension to allow the owner to get a low A happening at will.  The note that results from this is one of the most awesome things I have ever heard - too bad low A baritones didn't exist until 30 years later - these early models really roar when you get down there.

Pictured with a 1932 Selmer "Super" tenor - made by the same hands in the same shop only a few years apart, and reunited after all this time.  Note the small changes in the keywork from the "Transitional" to the "Super" - front F key, pearl side F# touch, modern (non-pivot) palm key design, as well as some substantial differences in the stack mechanics.  Very cool to watch this factory figuring all of this stuff out, ultimately headed towards the iconic "Mark VI" mechanism, which has been copied and adapted by virtually every instrument made since.