price list

Hourly Work: $60 (plus parts & supplies)

Oil Change / Annual service: $120 (includes materials as needed)

Neck or Tenon Cork: $30

Overhaul: $1250 sop/alto/tenor $1300 baritone


-Full Spring Replacement: $250 (including top quality blued needle springs throughout, stainless steel springs also available by request)

-Custom (made to size in-house for your instrument, re-usable for the life of the horn) brass resonators: $225

-Severe dent and neck tenon work: $60 per additional hour

-Hand polishing and/or lacquer removal : dependant on finish and condition, quoted on a per-job basis.

Consignments: We do take in and sell a limited number of instruments on consignment.  Our fee is 15% of the final (agreed upon) sale price.  Month-to-month term.

All prices subject to 7% P.S.T.