A more economical alternative to the full overhaul, typically suitable for an instrument that is already in very good physical and mechanical shape but just has old dried up corks, felts, and pads.  This service is also suitable for a new horn in good condition where the owner wants to try a new set of pads or resonators for reasons of preference.  A repad is also required as part of a full lacquer strip / polish, even on a horn with pads in otherwise good condition, because the pads will need to be removed.

We remove all of the keys and replace all pads, corks, felts, and other materials, including the neck cork.  The oil is changed, and the instrument is reassembled and set up as in the overhaul.  Any dent work, spring work, or mechanical work is charged additionally, and this can add up quite quickly to the cost of our overhaul, which is why the overhaul is a better choice for most instruments except those in excellent condition.

We do not offer this service on instruments that are in dire need of a full overhaul, as only replacing pads without attending to underlying mechanical issues leads to results that are unreliable at best.