1929 Selmer "Large Bore/Super" Baritone Sax - $3300

This is an extremely rare and special baritone from an important moment in Selmer history.  This silver beauty shipped out of the Selmer factory for Frankfurt in December of 1929 at a time when Selmer was in transition between their first significant model, the "Modèle 26" and the more modern "Super Sax" that was about to be introduced.  These horns were nicknamed and marketed as "Large Bore" in the U.S.A. although there is no official Selmer name for this model.  This one has a really great voice and has better than 90% of its very heavy original silver plate finish intact.  It is in good playing condition (needs nothing) with a bunch of recent work done at the shop here.  

Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Sax - $500

These older YAS-23s were made in Japan to a very high standard (unlike the current crop of Yamaha student models.)  These earlier Japanese Yamahas have developed a reputation as "sleepers" as they play fantastically well and are extremely durable, reliable, and hold their value on the used market extraordinarily well.  This makes them a great choice for a high quality student instrument, as well as a second "road" horn for a professional.  Just inspected and adjusted, this one comes with a Yamaha mouthpiece, a Hercules sax stand, and a folding music stand, rounding out a nice starter kit for the new owner.  

1952 Conn 12M "Ladyface" Baritone Monster - $2500

Most famously used by Gerry Mulligan and Harry Carney, but also played by modern-day baritone legends like Gary Smulyan and Joe Temperley (of Lincoln Centre fame, rest in peace), Conn 12M baritones have a reputation for a massive sonic footprint, and this beast of a horn lives up to that reputation and then some.   These are also just about the lightest baritone saxes around, which is nice as it makes it much more possible to use it with a neck strap, rather than a cumbersome harness.  Made in 1952, just a few years after Conn stopped rolling their tone holes, but well before the decline in quality and outsourcing of manufacturing that happened in the late 50's, this player's horn is a fantastic bargain for someone looking for the biggest sound possible out of a saxophone, it just absolutely roars.  

Condition-wise it has more than a couple bumps around the bow area as most well-loved baritones do, but we can easily take care of that in-house upon purchase if you so desire.  Virtually none of the original lacquer remains, and we have modified the left thumbrest by replacing the original with a nice large modern-feeling brass one, and relocating the entire thumb position upwards for better ergonomics and player comfort.  The neckstrap ring has also been relocated to make the instrument hang just right around the neck and significantly improve the overall feel of the keywork (ask us about doing this on your vintage sax, it's a very straightforward thing to accomplish and makes an immense difference in the feel and comfort of an instrument of any size).  The instrument is sporting an older overhaul on plastic domed resonators, and the pads still look and seal great.

Comes in a brand-new Protec case which fits it well.  A really great deal on what is easily the world's most legendary vintage baritone sax.  This one is not going to last much longer, better make an appointment to come try it out!


1920's Buescher "Elkhart" C Melody - $650

A very cleaning very cool silver C Melody made by Buescher in the mid 1920's.  Check out our post here for a close look (practical as well as historical) at a very similar horn that we got the opportunity to overhaul here.  This one has a good pad job from another shop and plays and looks great with virtually all of the original silver plate.  Also comes with the original and very cool fitted case.  These have the classic vintage Buescher sound (warm and centred) in a very interesting voice that sits right between the alto and the tenor.  

Enjoy the photo gallery and feel free to make an appointment to come check it out for yourself!

Late Transitional Conn 6M "Naked Lady" Alto - $2150

This is a holy grail instrument right here.  A rare horn from 1935, late in the time period where Conn was developing their legendary "Naked Lady" saxophones (so named for the bell engraving).  This one has virtually all of the features of these later horns, and a few 'transitional' features which make it very rare, such as the double socket neck tenon combined with the over-slung octave key (called the "New York" neck).  In other words, some of the horns from this transitional era were treated like prototypes, with designers trying out ideas on commercially available horns, which may or may not have been adopted in the final design.  Another interesting thing about this instrument is that the serial number has an additional "A" stamped at the end of it, which is not typical.  No information has survived to indicate what this might mean but I have heard 2 plausible theories.  One of which says the "A" was used to designate prototype instruments with a specific set of features, and the other says that the "A" was stamped on particularly great playing saxophones at the factory, to designate them for use by endorsed Conn artists (no pun intended).

Condition-wise, this one is wearing about 60% of its original lacquer, and the body is straight with only minor dents and dings.  It has a very old set of original Conn Reso-Pads installed, and still plays quite well on these.  A world class jazz alto - these were widely considered the absolute best in their day, and will out-tone and out-volume virtually any horn made since as well.  Make an appointment to come by and check it out.

Couesnon "Monopole Conservatoire" Tenor Sax - $850

This is a rare French-made tenor from the late 1960s.  These are great sounding, undervalued instruments, mostly due to their relative obscurity I would guess.  This one is in good original condition (save for some lacquer missing on the neck), and even includes the original quality guarantee inside the case, promising you, the new owner, "French Perfection."  These are a steal for the prices they list at - rolled tone holes, well designed keywork, and huge round sound with a ton of character.  These are a steal for what they go for, and are well worth a look.  Padwork is older but still serviceable.

Make an appointment to come by and check it out.

Buescher "True Tone" Alto Saxophone - $750

A great classic Buescher alto from 1929 sporting a very old and very cool darkened lacquer finish.  Most folks think of these instruments as great classic jazz horns (and they are) but forget that they are also fine classical instruments.  Sigurd Rascher, one of the fathers of classical saxophone, insisted on playing Buescher True Tones and Aristocrats exclusively throughout his career.  What the keywork lacks in modern sophistication, the instrument more than makes up for in resonance and sound.  These really purr and vibrate in your hands when they are set up properly.  

This instrument is not currently playable and will need an overhaul to truly shine. Make an appointment to come by and discuss an overhaul to your specifications.  Lets bring this one back to life together!