1952 Conn 12M "Ladyface" Baritone Monster - $2500

Most famously used by Gerry Mulligan and Harry Carney, but also played by modern-day baritone legends like Gary Smulyan and Joe Temperley (of Lincoln Centre fame, rest in peace), Conn 12M baritones have a reputation for a massive sonic footprint, and this beast of a horn lives up to that reputation and then some.   These are also just about the lightest baritone saxes around, which is nice as it makes it much more possible to use it with a neck strap, rather than a cumbersome harness.  Made in 1952, just a few years after Conn stopped rolling their tone holes, but well before the decline in quality and outsourcing of manufacturing that happened in the late 50's, this player's horn is a fantastic bargain for someone looking for the biggest sound possible out of a saxophone, it just absolutely roars.  

Condition-wise it has more than a couple bumps around the bow area as most well-loved baritones do, but we can easily take care of that in-house upon purchase if you so desire.  Virtually none of the original lacquer remains, and we have modified the left thumbrest by replacing the original with a nice large modern-feeling brass one, and relocating the entire thumb position upwards for better ergonomics and player comfort.  The neckstrap ring has also been relocated to make the instrument hang just right around the neck and significantly improve the overall feel of the keywork (ask us about doing this on your vintage sax, it's a very straightforward thing to accomplish and makes an immense difference in the feel and comfort of an instrument of any size).  The instrument is sporting an older overhaul on plastic domed resonators, and the pads still look and seal great.

Comes in a brand-new Protec case which fits it well.  A really great deal on what is easily the world's most legendary vintage baritone sax.  This one is not going to last much longer, better make an appointment to come try it out!