SETUP work

A great set up is typically what stands between a functioning instrument and one that is a joy to play (and hard to put down!)

Beyond the obvious pad-seal and timing adjustments, many fine details also significantly contribute to how an instrument plays for its owner.  Considerations such as key heights, spring tension, adjustment materials, neck tenon fit, key bounce, key touch position, and thumb rest and strap hook positions, can significantly affect tone quality, intonation, player ease and comfort, and general technical facility.  

We can address your specific setup concerns in a one-on-one session or you can leave your instrument with us for play testing, with issues corrected as they are noticed, leaving the final touches to a shorter session upon pick up to make sure you are happy with the results.

Naturally this work can vary drastically in quantity and complexity, and so is charged out on an hourly basis.  Contact us here to book an appointment and get your instrument set up right.